Monday, August 07, 2006

Woop Woop!, Meat Curtains, Is that a.. Is that a baby?, Man....Give Me that Shit!

Once upon a time, 6 dudes ventured out to Las Vegas to do their annual "UCI chill with old roommates and friends" trip. The trip was pretty bad ass. And Cheese-less pizza!

First off, at the butt-crack of dawn on Friday, Barry, James, Mike, and Vincent took a flight out of the Burbank airport on the Southwest 737.

Man, that shit was nasty. I was dead tired at 5:15 am. But the flight was awesome. Seriously, I don't know why we never did that earlier before. Driving 4-6 hours both ways seems like a crappy idea. Only took less then an hour and BAM, in Vegas, Baby! Later on that night, the two Jasons finally arrived and that’s the end of Friday. (I would go more in detail with the story, but I have no pictures to outline that shiznit!)

Saturday, we all got up tired as hell from Friday. Got some foot long hot dogs in the food court and headed over to Wynn.

Vince won big time, while I lost big time playing no limit hold'em. 600 dollars in total losses for me in the overall trip. FAWKKKKK! Can't stress that FAWK long enough. But I guess it was for fun. /tear, /cry, /fume!

We then ate a bomb ass buffet at the Wynn. Thanks Vince for paying. Woop Woop!

We then came back to unwind before we went back out.


At night, J-Taj, Brooks, and Barry ended up rolling over to TAO, at the Venetian. While the rest, played with meat curtains. Damn, Tao was pretty f'n tight. Mad AC, we got hooked up with my friend who got us through the VIP line (no wait), and the girls were plentiful. Seriously son, we 3 was surrounded by horny ass females! HAHAHA at 11 o'clock the ratio was 3-1000. For real. No joke. I wish I brought my camera. Then as the night progressed around 1 o'clock. It became a cock fest! But man, I was faded out my mind. I almost passed out walkin in the crowds and talking to Tajima. SOLO!!! There was a solo Asian dude who went to the club by himself. On a happier note. (Please don't read if you’re easily offended by pervetedness two thousand and one) I love the architects who came up with the design of the club because they put the women’s' restroom on the second floor of the main bar. So there was a line of women standing next to a glass railing. Glass nukka. Did I say glass? Yes Glass. I saw ass like no other!

Well this wasn't exactly at the club, but you get the idea. And damn, the girls really got into it too during those lines. All nasty and shit, freakin each other! Got to see it to believe it...

5 in the morning! We just got back. I don't know, but i was gone. Umm. Pretty f'n tired too. Sick ending to a tight trip!

Next morning, I was bummed that we had to leave. We all took off back to LA. End of story.

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