Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Introducing Me

Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself to this wonderful world of blogging. Hmm, I really don't know much about blogging but hopefully through my upcomming experiences, I'll be able to have a full functioning blog that people can enjoy. I'm pretty sure I'll have boring things to say from time to time, but I guess what my true intentions are is to create a blog to help keep my memories intact. I tend to forget things, so by doing this, I'll be able to keep track of events or things or stuff that has affected my life and, at the same time, to let readers (such as yourselves) get a taste of what or who Barry is. Barry is my name. Avid gamer, anime enthusiast, movie buff, dance-aholic, computer user extraordinaire. I might have left some things out but you get the gist of it. Okay... let's begin!

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