Thursday, August 10, 2006

How To Keep My Love

Well, I just picked this film out of a hat. Didn't know what to watch and I had this one on stand by. I guess I didn't really want to watch any crazy dramas so I decided why not throw in a romance comedy. The film wasn't bad. I thought it was entertaining. Kinda easy to read. With a little clever guessing you pretty much know what the film is about straight from the beginning. The film is about a woman Hyun Ju (Kim, Jung Eun) who is in love with this guy she met at college. They've been going out for 7 years and she's pretty much waiting for him to pop the big question.

Her friends, who are a bunch of failures in their own way, try and help her along. Then another story unfolds. As luck would have it, So Hun (Kim, Sang Kyung), her boyfriend, gets involved with an actress in an elevator ride gone wrong. They get stuck and I guess with his charm, the starlet Da Young falls for him. Now you find Hyun Ju go through great lengths to try and fight to save their relationship by competing with this lady. And so on and so forth. I give the movie an alright, half up half down thumb blast. I don't know, I like the main character but it wasn't enough for me to be like, damn this movie was crazy good. Rent it for the romance and laughs. I'm spent!

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