Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Josee, The Tiger and the Fish aka Josee to Tora to Sakanatachi

It's been a while since I've posted any movie recommendations on here so here goes. Come to think of it, I actually really don't know if I would recommend this film, however it's enjoyable. Here is a quick run through of the film, seeing that I don't have much free time at work. The movie is about this guy Tsueno. A college student who does what any normal college student would do. Bones chicks. Okay that was a bit crude, I apologize. But this film isn't about sex or anything related to college life. It's about a boy who falls in love with a girl who has cerebral palsy (paralyzed from the waist down, I think). Now you might think it’s going to be a sad movie, right? Wrong! Yes it is a love story, but this is where the coolness comes in. It's a straight up regular relationship. They have sex; they get into fights, nothing sappy here. Just the REALNESS! It's about two young lovers stuck in the real world. It can be sad at times, it can be funny at times. I wish I could quote the movie, but I don't remember, however the best line in the film is when Josee tells Tsueno, if we stay here you can do the nastiest things to me. WOW!!! Talk about disturbing. Enjoy!

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