Friday, October 13, 2006

Rino Nakasone

Sup yall. Damn, I've been soo busy with dancin' and breakin' that I haven't had the time to post any of my past adventures. So a few Sundays ago Culture Shock LA was honored to have Rino Nakasone aka Music from the Harajuku Girls come and teach a class. I must say, she's a nasty dancer. Straight old school flavor. Her routine was dope, but too bad I suck at choreo. I pretty much botched the whole ending up. But it was fun and cool nonetheless.

If you guys don't know who the harajuku girls are then you don't watch enough TV. HAHA They are Gwen Stefani's back up dancers for the album Love Angel Music Baby. When I first saw the video Holler Back Girl, it was pretty sick that they used Japanese back-up dancers.

If you want to read up more on Rino Nakasone you can check her myspace account Add her as your buddy :)

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WiLLiAM WANG said...

sugoi! i'm going to add rino to my iHeart list... LOL!