Thursday, November 30, 2006

The House of Glam @ Cabana Club

Nov 22nd, me and the fellas roll to the Cabaña Club for some romping good times. Yes, I am wearing a sweater. I was dying in there. And no, I'm not mentally ill. Well, not that I know of. But yeah, the Cabaña is a real cool spot. It was actually my first time there and will definitely not be my last. Glam did this spot justice. What a way to kick off the Thanksgiving holiday. The Cabaña Club has an in door dance area as well as an out door dance area. So if you were baking, like I was, then you'd go out and chill, grab a drink, a little smoke if you smoke, and just enjoy the vibe. There were plenty of hotties to dance with, but Asian girls in LA are kind of harsh. Even if you try, you'd probably get brushed off by most of them. Not all of course, but majority of the Asian fems gives off a snobby demeanor. HAHA But if you’re the man, then you got it easy. Still a challenge for me every time I go out. Till next time. PEACE!


Anonymous said...

why is your blog so much more ballin than mine?!

tips! negro tips!

Craig said...

Do they play Berryz tracks in the club?

jk X)

:rock on: (o_o)\m/

but take care of yourself ROFL I'm so uncool XP