Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Halloween Story @ MGM

On Halloween day, our department (participations) @ MGM held there first annual Halloween party. It was pretty cool, I'm surprised majority of the workers dressed up. Me and Petey came as Spidermen. HAHA For the entire day, we just f'd around acting like idiots. Even though we were suppose to have worked, we just kinda kicked it, walked around, went to other floors, and got MGM bought krispy kreme donuts in the lobby. For lunch, me, Pete, and Judy went to Chipotle Mexican restaurant for some tacos. Damn, everyone was staring. HAHA I loved it. Sorry, I'm an attention whore. It was cool though, we were the only spirited ones on the street that morning.

At 3 o'clock was when they brought out all the foods and drinks. Well our Vice President is kind of a cheap ass so he brought chips and dip. It was pretty cool, but damn where's the real food nukka! I was freakin sugared out. Nasty. But yeah, it was cool seeing all the different costumes. Everyone loved the two spider people. We were the hit of the party, even though we didn't win for best costume. My friend, Ben, won for his Tim Campbell costume. TC was our beer gut and bald EX VP. :)

This is the whole participations, residuals, and audit team.

Here are some other shots of the department peoples chillin in our meeting room for drinks, food and fun.

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