Monday, January 07, 2008

Kid N' Play - House Party

Now this is more like it. Hip Hop when I remembered it best. It wasn't about popping guns or the cash you got. It was about dancing, girls, and having fun. Peace, love, and Unity. But what I liked most about Hip Hop was the dance. Running Man, Roger Rabbit, Robocop, Cabbage Patch, the Smurf, MR2, Charleston, and all of em'. My signature move was the Wop. And what not a better way to show off Hip Hop in the 90's then the commercialization of it called House Party.

Here is the notorious rap battle between Kid and Play. The verses are pretty cool and are easy to comprehend. Today, you need a whole urban dictionary just to understand some things. HAHA

The infamous dance steps. I know all of you have tried it once in your lives.

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