Thursday, July 05, 2007

Duck King Cosplay - Anime Expo 2007

This is my second Anime Expo that I've been to. It was pretty cool, however I attended only one day this year instead of the 3 days last year. Was kinda sad about it, but what makes up for it is that this is my first year cosplaying. The culture of Cosplay is pretty awesome. You dress up as your favorite anime or video game character (anything actually, probably geared towards Japanese characters) and you go and act like them or watevers and have a good time. HAHA Well, I had a great day with my friends dressing up as King of Fighters characters. My friend Mike is cosplaying as Clark, Nes is cosplaying as K9999, and I am cosplaying as Duck King. Can't wait to cosplay some more. Yay, till next year! Hopefully, it'll be in Anaheim again instead of Long Beach. WOOP!

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