Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I Get No Comments! Should I be sad?

I have to say this whole blogging experience is great and I've been blogging constantly for a few months. I guess you can say I'm a virgin who still needs to learn a few things before he can truly take off his training wheels. However, off the top, I ask, do people actually read this stuff? My true intention of this blog was not to get popularized in the blogging community, but as a way to freeze my thoughts and memories and place them onto a page where I can revert back and forth from. You see, my mind is in the short. This blog is my diary. But, we guys don’t say that. It’s true. It is a diary. I can’t hide the fact. And it helps me create a timeline of perplexities comprised of my mind.

But, back to the question at hand, lately I’ve become curious. So I did a search. Why no blog comments. Apparently, there are guidelines upon guidelines to getting feedback on what you write. You must have good stories, things of interest, new ideas and thoughts, etc. Crap, I never knew. Here I was, writing for the fun, for the now. Numerous amounts of mindless jibber-jabber that gets spat onto my blog. I see people’s blogs and I’ve become envious of the amount of intelligent feedback and quirky responses. Damn, my stories must suck. Do my movie reviews not move you?

My true intent has now become a thing of the past. I want readers to read and comment. I’ve given in to the dark side. My mind has been clouded with cravings of ecstasy that if someone were to embark on my journey, it would add something to their lives. I guess it’s like xanga, myspace, and friendster, I get a boner every time someone comments.

But then again, who cares right? I mean, this blog is my own. It is for my eyes to see and a tool to share thoughts to a few friends, who never comment mind you. Should I be sad? I guess the fact of the matter is, till I receive a stream of comments, then it won’t really bother me if I never get any. It’s like love. How can you miss it if you’ve never experienced it? Blast you curiosity cat. Till then, I wait.

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Tsuji Eriku said...

here's a comment. thanks for the link to YODC.