Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wei Xiao Pasta / Smiling Pasta

So I was on YODC not too long ago and I happen to stumble upon a post about Cyndi Wang by Craig. I really didn't know who she was but I was curious and checked out her music video. (I too will post the music video below) Seemed like a cute song and there was dancing which is always a plus in my book. As with any guy, I think, I did a search on her name on yahoo. I find out she just recently starred in a Drama called Smiling Pasta. So I then peeped out youtube to see if it was there. Sure enough, it was there. Lately, I have been watching many dramas (Jdramas, Kdramas mostly) so I was eager to see what this drama was about. I was, however, hesitant to watch this drama because I am not very used to the language. I'm actually not a big fan of Taiwanese or Mandarin (I <3> Canto, haha I'm a fob) But the drama surprised me. It was pretty good and I really thought it was funny.

Wei Xiao Pasta is about Cheng Xiao Shi (Cyndi Wang) who is troubled by a 3-month love curse. Every relationship that she has had ended up with a break on the 3rd month. So of course, the drama starts off with her being dumped by her current boyfriend. While sadly walking home, she is bumped into by He Qun (Nicholas Teo) who is running away from the paparazzi. They fall to the ground and they end up accidentally kissing each other. The paparazzi take pictures of them and they end up on the next days post. Xiao Shi then finds out that He Qun is a pop star/idol because of the tabloids. Vincent (Di Zhi Jie), He Qun's publicist, explains to them that they need to pretend to be together so that He Qun's reputation won't be altered. Xiao Shi agrees because she doesn’t want to disappoint her very supportive family (you will see in the drama) about another failed relationship and He Qun agrees because he has to for his image. Vincent then announces to the press that Xiao Shi is in fact He Qun's fiancĂ©e. Can they pull it off?

Things start to get a bit hairy as the story unfolds. Can they keep their secret from the press? Through this ordeal, do they start developing feelings for each other? HAHA I got to say I really enjoyed this drama. People say the story is kind of like the Kdrama Full House. I have yet to see Full House but I'm sure that it has its own flare to it. I like how the two characters interact with each other. It's very amusing. Oh and the song that they play in the drama is really cool. It's called Tears from Polaris (below). *Spoiler* When you watch the drama, you will be introduced to He Qun's younger brother He Rui Zhe (Gino). They used to be in the same band but because of the death of Ah Zhe's girlfriend they no longer get along. When they were a band, they came up with a song called Tears from Polaris (their first composition which was named by Ah Zhe's girlfriend). Ah Zhe blames He Qun for his girlfriend’s death. Check out the song. I think you need to watch the actual drama first to truly appreciate the song.

This is the music video for Tears from Polaris performed by Nicholas Teo.

Here is Ai Ni performed by Cyndi Wang (This is not part of Smiling Pasta) She teaches the dance steps in this one. Very cool!


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